Guest Post: A Sikh Doctor’s View on Homosexuality

The concept of Oneness is at the core of the Sikh tradition. Most commonly this is espoused as seeing everybody equally without discrimination. However when it comes to the issue of sexual preference, we find ourselves less accepting and instead we begin to draw lines in the sand in terms of what we feel is […]

Love Against The Odds

I was contacted by a TV production company who are looking to explore relationships with diverse couples. More info follows: The series is about changing relationships in modern Britain and we’re looking to speak to interfaith and culturally diverse couples who are looking to get engaged but are worried about how their families may react. […]

Sikh Mother speaks to other parents about homosexuality in Punjabi!

This video is absolutely amazing. A very brave Birmingham based Gay Sikh records a conversation between himself and his mum in Punjabi about homosexuality. In the video she talks about unconditional love for her son, how God designed him in this way and how forced marriages are doomed to fail. If anyone needs help or […]

The Love that Knows Much Shame @ London’s Southbank – Can you be both LGBT and South Asian in Britain Today?

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend a debate at Londons Southbank as part of an annual Alchemy Festival. The debate topic was “Can you be both LGBT and South Asian in Britain today?”. This topic is EXACTLY why this blog exists. So many people think being homosexual is a western thing, it’s a choice […]

Man jailed for murdering his wife

Today, a man named Jasvir Ginday was found guilty for murdering his wife of 6 months because she may expose his homosexuality. Full story here. No one made him commit this crime, he is completely responsible for his crime, however, I feel it’s important to dig down and see what lead him to kill his […]

Are LGBT Asians Underrepresented in Britain?

A few weeks ago Aftab Ali,kindly invited me to write a piece for the Glasgow Journal outlining whether I think Asian LGBT are underrepresented in Britain. The short answer is a resounding YES, below’s my article, or you can read it here on the Glasgow Journal It seems there are many people who think being […]

Evolution and the Gay Gene

Mr Singh posted a comment on my Why Start This Blog? entry. He disagreed with homosexuality within Sikhism and used Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution to prove his point. He also insinuated that the existence of the gay gene would result in “instant death”. I’ve decided to reply in form of a blog as there’s quite a […]

Coming out

So far this blog has been all about Homosexuality and Sikhism, I don’t usually post personal entries but feel this compliments the blog quite well. This is my coming out story. My mother and I used to have a very strong relationship whilst growing up, we were best friends. I’d always make jokes with her […]

The Asian World publishes my story on being a British Gay Sikh

The Asian World is a monthly magazine targeting South Asians living predominately in the Midlands. This magazine is read by over 150,000 people a month so you can imagine by delight when I was offered an opportunity to write an article! The brief I had was to write a short article outlining my coming out and reaction […]

Guest on Gay Marriage BBC Radio with Manni Masih

Yesterday I was a guest of Manni Mashi’s evening radio show where the discussion topic was Gay Marriage. You can stream it from iPlayer (about 1hr 20mins in) or download the MP3 here. Gurdial Singh was a representative from the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Bristol who also featured on this show. Generally speaking, the outcome […]