Rehat Maryada, Kam (Lust) and Family Life

GuptKaur made some very interesting comments about my previous post outlining why she believes there’s no place for homosexuality within Sikhism. I have chosen to reply to this in way of a post. I’ll be quoting her and then adding my response after.   First of I want to say I am not against homosexuality. […]

Guest on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

This Sunday 10th February 2013 I will be a guest on BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s discussing life as an Asian Gay person. It will be pre-recorded around 4pm and broadcast between 6-8pm. Tune in 🙂

Guest on BBC Asian Network about Equal Marriage

This morning I was asked to be a guest on Nihal’s Breakfast show on the BBC Asian Network radio station here in Britain. The topic of discussion was “If you are religious does that mean you have a duty to oppose gay marriage?” It can be streamed from BBC iPlayer here, and downloaded as a MP3 […]

Doh! Twitter Suspension

It seems from all of yesterdays events Twitter has suspended my account. I’ve spoken to them and it’ll be back up tomorrow. In the mean time feel free to comment on this post. Thanks! UPDATE (24/01/2013) : Twitter have unsuspended my account, @GaySikh. Cheers guys(!) UPDATE (26/01/2013): Been suspended again, no idea why Twitter why […]

Twitter Exposure, Akal Takht & Gay Love

Last night was a real milestone for this site. As usual, I get comments from Straight Sikhs saying that I’m “disgracing” their religion and that there’s no space for Gay in Sikhi. This time around, the comments were read by some influential Sikhs on Twitter namely Hardeep Singh Kohli, Param_TakeMeOut and Sky News Singh. After their […]

Hardeep Singh Kohli supports Gay Sikh!

I got some support from none other than Mr Hardeep Singh Kohli. He’s also following @GaySikh: Hardeep Singh Kohli agrees with Gay Sikh’s!  “Feel the love…, I’m fully on-side x”  This is amazing! Hardeep Singh Kohli, an upstanding Sikh member of society, an author, chef, Radio 4 presenter, comedian and much more agrees with me! Homosexuality HAS got a place […]

New Twitter Account – Why some Sikhs believe you cannot be Gay and Sikh

I opened a Twitter account @GaySikh a few days ago to further promote this site. My main aim for this account was to see how the public would respond to an account entitled Gay Sikh. As you can imagine some users found this name not only blasphemous but also misleading. The first tweet I received was […]

Sarmad – An openly Gay Saint

There is a great article about a Gay Saint on WaheguruNet. The following paragraph stands out for me: One openly gay saint is Sarmad, who was a follower of Mian Mir, the Muslim Pir who is believed to have laid the foundation stone of the Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple), the most important of Sikh gurdwaras, […]

Everyone is Equal

If I had to summarise Sikhism in one word it would be “Equality”. Guru Nanak created Sikhism and wanted everyone to be included regardless of age, gender or religion. He was born in the Punjab where the two major religions were Hinduism and Islam. He didn’t like the idea that in Hinduism there was 1) […]

Superwoman speaks out for Gay Asians

Came across this video today of Canadian Sikh Vlogger called Superwoman tackling the issue of homosexuality within the Asian community. Whilst she doesn’t go into any religious references and stresses it’s her opinion, she portrays a very positive message mixed with humour.