Man jailed for murdering his wife

Today, a man named Jasvir Ginday was found guilty for murdering his wife of 6 months because she may expose his homosexuality. Full story here.

No one made him commit this crime, he is completely responsible for his crime, however, I feel it’s important to dig down and see what lead him to kill his wife.

I don’t even know where to begin, there is SO much wrong with this. Firstly, there’s the immense pressure his family must have put on him to ‘conform’. By them making him marry against his will, and him possibly believing he can ‘get over it’ drove him to murder!

Then you have to question his support network (in terms of friends etc). It’s very likely he knew some gay people, what did they think about his marriage proposals?

I personally feel pity for him but also for his family, not only have they lost their son, but they also have to explain to their daughter-in-laws family why they let something like this continue. Surely if they didn’t pressurise him to get married or showed him that homosexuality is not a problem, none of this wouldve happened. He would be in a better place and she would be alive.

To reiterate, Jasvir made the decision to kill his wife and that’s something he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life. Being convicted and sent to jail is the correct outcome.

His family and extended community are also to blame.

  • Guru , ji , Singh

    It is absolutly sad when a Gay person has to take this kind of action , Any Gay person need to chat , All they to do is TALK and we listen .or e mail . . We will help / support any GAY person , jai kali

  • Mr Singh

    Or it could be that he turned gay after he was married?
    And being gay is NOT allowed in Sikhism, find me somewhere where it says you are?

    • Gay Sikh

      Nobody ‘turns gay’, they are born that way. If you read more into his story you will know that he had gay friends before his marriage. If you are so sure that being Gay isn’t allowed within Sikhism, how about you find me some scriptures supporting your claim? There is nothing mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

  • punjabi_gabaru

    stop trying to blame others for what this saddo did it is 100 percent his fault for murdering his wife and not his families did they tell him to pick up a knife and kill his wife? i hope this guy rots in jail

    • Gay Sikh

      You may have misunderstood my opinion. It is his fault, as he is responsible for his actions but if his parents were more understanding, would he have got married in the first place?

  • RVD1981

    what the owner of this site is saying, if I’m not mistaken, is that while murder IS a crime and Jasvir DOES have to take responsibility for that, would he have been in the position of feeling the need to marry a woman in order to hide his homosexuality if his family or indeed SOCIETY had been more accepting. It may not be explicitly “allowed” in Sikhism to be gay, but neither is it EXPLICITLY forbidden, and even less so is it encouraged for Sikhs to marginalise gay people. The issue here is the marginalisation of gay people within the Sikh community, which has caused Jasvir to react to the very real threat of having his whole life destroyed by his wife. It is extremely unfortunate that this has happened but the fact that it has is a sign of the utter despair that some gay people from religious backgrounds go through without sufficient support for the problems that they face because of their sexuality. An understanding of some of the mental torture that led this man to murder an innocent person is as important as the justice system that saw him jailed for his crime.

  • Jaskiran

    Completely agree that there were societal pressures that came into play here and such a cruel act may have been avoidable if his family and community was supportive. However, such a vile and cruel act such as murder cannot be excused or blamed on anyone but the individual himself.

    Jasvir obviously has characteristics of a sociopath for him to commit the inhumane act of murder. Taking the life of an innocent is inexcusable and he should be serving life in prison.

  • angelism (@ANGELISMTWEET)

    I understand your sentiments, but your article portrays the man as the victim. Gay or not he didn’t have right to kill another human being. Your sympathy towards his wife is marginal. No matter what his family thought or did, it is very much HIS fault for taking someone’s life. He had the courage to kill his wife. He should have showed that courage to come out.

    • Gay Sikh

      Hey Angelism,

      You’re right, having read this article back today, I realised it didn’t portray my view clearly. I’ve updated it now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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