Doh! Twitter Suspension

It seems from all of yesterdays events Twitter has suspended my account. I’ve spoken to them and it’ll be back up tomorrow. In the mean time feel free to comment on this post.


UPDATE (24/01/2013) : Twitter have unsuspended my account, @GaySikh. Cheers guys(!)

UPDATE (26/01/2013): Been suspended again, no idea why Twitter why do this. Have appealed, waiting to hear back. If anyone knows why or how this process can be sped up, please comment below. Many thanks.

UPDATE (28/01/2013): Up again, here’s hoping it’ll stay up.

  • Rainydays46

    Therer is an obvious duality within the religion, with many, if not most, Sikhs accepting homosexuality but unwilling or unable to accept Sikh homosexuals. The need for this blog is clear as it is one of the very few forums for gay Sikhs, be they male or female. The support on Twitter is very heart warming but all discussion (positive and negative) will raise awareness and thought amongst, in particular, young Sikhs trying to find answers. Many of us have been able to reconcile our sexuality with our Sikhi, whatever our orientation, whatever our reasons. Huge respect to GaySikh for leading the way xxxxx


    Thank you rainydays46 for your great positive comment. Unfortunately many Sikhs believe that there is no space for homosexuality within Sikhism, my Twitter account coupled with this website are two ways I am trying to change this. We all know that homosexuality is not a choice, it’s God given and we as Sikhs are told to accept everyone equally. In time, more and more Sikhs will read this blog and be aware of my Twitter account which will hopefully result in their changed thoughts.

  • nirmal

    twitter sucks. ur better with shutterfly. 🙂