Hardeep Singh Kohli supports Gay Sikh!

I got some support from none other than Mr Hardeep Singh Kohli. He’s also following @GaySikh:

  1. Hardeep Singh Kohli agrees with Gay Sikh’s! 

    “Feel the love…, I’m fully on-side x” 

    This is amazing! Hardeep Singh Kohli, an upstanding Sikh member of society, an author, chef, Radio 4 presenter, comedian and much more agrees with me! Homosexuality HAS got a place in Sikhism. He sent this message to all of his 20,000 followers. The word is being spread and I really hope more and more high profile celebrities like this begin to take note and help out. It’s so important to know that being gay is NOT a choice, it’s been proven, here’s a BBC article. This tweet was further retweeted by Brit Asia, definitely a date for my diary 🙂

  2. World Sikh Heritage Trust 

    These guys have followed to show support.

Setting up the twitter account was definitely the right thing to do. I’m beginning to reach more people and in return will begin making them think about homosexuality within Sikhism. Many straight Sikhs whom don’t have gay friends may think its a Western cultural choice, when in fact it isn’t. Sikhism is all about equality and respect. In my opinion, if a Sikh is homophobic then he cannot be a true Sikh.