Sarmad – An openly Gay Saint

There is a great article about a Gay Saint on WaheguruNet. The following paragraph stands out for me:

One openly gay saint is Sarmad, who was a follower of Mian Mir, the Muslim Pir who is believed to have laid the foundation stone of the Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple), the most important of Sikh gurdwaras, in 1588.

The Golden Temple is the most iconic and important places in the world for a Sikh, the Guru’s obviously knew this, if they believed being Homosexual was incorrect then why would they allow an openly Gay Saint the privilege of laying the foundation? To me, the answer is simple and it goes back to the core beliefs of Sikhism which is everyone is equal. It was of no relevance of Sarmad’s religion, gender or sexual orientation. He was obviously a good person in the Guru’s eyes (he was a Saint after all), so why not allow him to help create the wonderful Golden Temple? This is a great story to recall if there ever are any doubts about homosexuality being acceptable within Sikhism.

I am fully aware and under no illusion that being a Gay Sikh is difficult. So far I have spoken all positives for being a Gay Sikh, but this blog wouldn’t be complete or fair if I didn’t look into the reasons why some people believe that being Homosexual is incorrect. This will be approached in the next few articles.

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  • truth.

    Sarmad was not openly gay. He had a male companion and people assume he was gay. At any rate, he wasn’t the one who is thought to have laid the foundation of the Sri Darbar Sahib. Many sources claim it was Mian Mir (who was NOT gay). The most reliable historical sources however state it wasn’t Mian Mir but in fact Sri Guru Arjan Dev.

    This post is off base.

  • GaySikh

    Hi truth, thank you for your comments. Please can you show me some online resources where it may have been Mian Mir or Sri Guru Arjan Dev, I’d like the opportunity to correct my post.

  • Ahuv

    Under the point “Marriage within Sikhism” I find the section mentioning the absence of gender-specifics in the Lavaan remarkable. I would stick that next to the note in your Gurdwara which specifically (and thus knowingly discriminatingly) says that for a marriage ceremony to take place the parties have to be male and female.

  • Sukhraj Singh Sidhu

    I HATE GAYS and it shouldnt be allowed. Don’t relate yourself to any religion if your gay. Go die.

    • Gay Sikh

      Why do you hate gays? It’s not prudent to tar every homosexual with the same brush. We are all different, from different religions, different personalities and different opinions, just like straight people. If you heard the phrase ‘I hate straight people’, that wouldn’t make sense to you would it? In the same way, your comment makes no sense to me.

      Instead I’d like to find out why you (assumingly) don’t agree with homosexuality. Just because you cannot understand it does not make it wrong.

    • Lancelot

      as the old saying goes ” there’s never smoke without a fire” or as quoted from Shakespeare “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”