Sikh Mother speaks to other parents about homosexuality in Punjabi!

This video is absolutely amazing. A very brave Birmingham based Gay Sikh records a conversation between himself and his mum in Punjabi about homosexuality. In the video she talks about unconditional love for her son, how God designed him in this way and how forced marriages are doomed to fail. If anyone needs help or advice about coming out and their parents speak Punjabi, please show this video. The message is so much more powerful when spoken in Punjabi. 

  • Anonymous

    Very good. can’t explain in words

  • Pronob Kumar Roy

    Sorry, I couldn’t follow. Would you please give us rough translation in English ?My regards to the MOTHER. She is just great.

    • Gay Sikh

      Sure! She basically explains how she loves him unconditionally, how it’s not possible to change the way he is and it’s not advisable to try. It’ll break the mother son bond and he will probably go crazy in the process. It’s very well said.

      • Pronob Kumar Roy

        Dear Gay Sikh, thanks for your reply. We must applaud her for having such a moral courage to recognize her son’s homosexuality in such a manner. An outstanding bravery ,indeed they are.
        you are also doing a great job.

  • AsianExpat

    This is remarkable. Not many people these days can see the reality past the veil of old traditions, social customs, peer pressure. She not only has the clarity to think beyond all these but also has the courage to speak about it with conviction. Respect, truly inspiring.

  • richard

    I get the impression your mother is grieving the loss of her heterosexual son – marriage to a woman and grandchildren. I hope you are mindful of this and reciprocate her unconditional love. Your mum is depressed. God bless you both – may the light of the universe guide you.