Why Start this Blog?

To best answer that I must first introduce myself, I am a (semi) out London born gay Sikh man with a turban. After much discussion with my peers it was obvious that I did not know enough about Sikhism and especially it’s view on homosexuality. This blog will outline what I’ve learnt and how it relates to homosexuality. I’ve never been very religious but one could argue the fact that I wear a turban shows that I am somewhat. Sikhism is all about unity, inclusion and equality, so you’d think that homosexuals are accepted right? Well if you know many Sikh circles, the gay subject is taboo and being an out gay Sikh person is heavily criticised.

As with all religions the original message/scriptures are lost culturally. It’s well known that there is a caste system in Sikhism, but if everyone is equal, what’s the point of castes? So many questions, so little answers. I’ll be learning about Sikhism through literature, online debating and questioning elder members of my family to find out what a good Sikh should and shouldn’t do.

As I write this today, I only know of one online resource that tackles this very subject, Sarbat. The site is very good but it’s the ONLY one, to better spread the word that you can be gay and a practising Sikh, I feel there needs to be a bigger online presence. This blog is going to help achieve this.

If you find this site useful, please pass it on to your peers, this blog is for everyone, from curious straight non Sikhs, to homosexual Sikhs. Feel free to comment for improvements or to simply get your voice heard. I will read and reply to everyone.

Thank You