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  • Bobby Tiwana

    Hi, it’s great that you’ve got this set up. There’s so much more work to do and voices to hear as you know. My mum’s a blessed Sikh – for about 25+ years now.

    Check out my website. I too am trying to effect some change through the arts.

    Best wishes

    • Gay Sikh

      Hi Bobby

      Thanks for your message, really good to see you are expressing these changes through art, it’s original and I like it 🙂 We must gain exposure with small steps and hopefully within time, acceptance will be the reward.

  • Makinder Chahal

    Hi Hardeep.

    I think your website is a great platform for spreading the word about being gay and Sikh. I have only just listened to your interview with Rita and I thought it was really inspiring. I cannot agree with you more about the visibility of the South Asian LGB&T communities and that is something within my role in Leicester that I am trying to be a part of.

    It’s funny that you mentioned things being more difficult north of London in your interview with Rita but we’re definitely trying our hardest and there is some great work now going on in Birmingham, Bradford and also here in Leicester.

    All the best.

    Makinder – South Asian Support Worker @ Trade Sexual Health

  • Jonathan Ben-Avraham

    Hi, I was wondering if you could perhaps send me a copy of your advertisement rates card.


  • Sharan

    I want some personnel favour on this matter, but i donot want to become icon in media.

    • Gay Sikh

      What do you mean?

  • Gemma

    Hi, This blog is brilliant! I’m a volunteer for Coventry Pride – we’re looking at a series of talks surrounding religion and the LGBT community in February for LGBT History Month (this year’s theme is Religion, Belief, & Spirituality). I wonder if you know anyone who would be willing to be part of a talk on Sikhism and the LGBT community? Many thanks,

    • Gay Sikh

      Hi Gemma! Great to hear that some talks are being arranged. Have you tried reaching out to Sarbat? They are a Gay Sikh support group? I’d love to cover the talks, please could you tell me how it goes via [email protected]


  • Gemma

    I’ll try them, thanks. I’ll keep you updated once we’ve finalised things. Thank you!

  • marek
  • Navdeep Manak